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Joy Marketing

Working with your favourite people, is definitely the perk of doing what I do. For my Design Partner in Crime, Camilla Hansen from Joy Marketing I created her branding. She helps small to medium sized business with their websites Online Marketing and specialises in SEO and Google Ads. You get far with having a great looking brand and website, word of mouth and social media, but further working on your website with SEO and keywords will make it easier for new customers to find you when they are searching on Google.


I gave Jessica at Swea Design free hands to design my logo and brand identity and she really hit the nail on its head! She came up with great initial ideas she showed me before developing it even further into a finished product that is more than I could have expected. Jess was easy to work and communicate with and she’s got a very professional approach. What I love the most about her work is that she managed to come up with a design that truly represents me and my brand in a way that I could not even picture before she put it in front of me! Thank you so much Jess!